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  • lumière et ombre se partagent le silence des voix signes suspendus jusqu’à glisser sous tes paupières l’infini se propage profonde division dans un creux indivisible
  • english
    light and shadow sharing the silence of voices signs hanging just until they slip under your eyelids infinity spreads deep division in an indivisible hollow.


Winner of the Fondation

Ecart- Pommaret grant

13 color photographs – 50cm by 75cm – Plexiglas support – Atelier Voix Off




to all women who from all parts of all countries of all ages
of all languages of all forms of all expressions
of all colors of all smells of all moods of all heat
have been able to resist survive terminate oppression, education, mistreatment

to all those sealed walled buried women
to all those breathless patient enduring women
to all those women girls mothers grandmothers aunts
cousins sisters friends lovers
to all those women that others have tried to twist to cook to burn to confine tried force to bend to kneel to mow to cut
to muzzle to slash to stone

to all those forbidden women

to all those women scars that appear among the living with force and noise to all those desired and desiring women
to all those victorious women
to all those free women

to all those speechless women who have absorbed the world’s violence
to all these women without whom humanity would not have seen the light of day

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