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In 2012 I created a mobile space: THE TUBOGRAPH - living, evolving, interactive.
Escape from convention, use my photographs as working material, meet a diversity of persons face- to-face and give them an active role in the creative process.

Moving from region to region, taking in new country sides, listening to new accents, savoring the odor of simmering kettles, the lives, memories, desires, the life stories, encountering ones curious of my passage...
Bring projects to life fruit of the random meetings which guide the wanderer.
Roam cities, villages, sea sides, mountains, setting up in parks and town squares, festivals, but also art centers.
Staying for shorter or longer periods of time, observing, assimilating, creating, being open to others, to one’s self, to the journey ahead.

2014 the wandering graphic general store

2015-2017 travelling Public Treasury

To be discovered here


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