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  • lumière et ombre se partagent le silence des voix signes suspendus jusqu’à glisser sous tes paupières l’infini se propage profonde division dans un creux indivisible
  • english
    light and shadow sharing the silence of voices signs hanging just until they slip under your eyelids infinity spreads deep division in an indivisible hollow.


This series of photographs is part of a body of research on water in its various states.

With the Combat of the Gorgons, this is water in its solid state.

Fascinated by the intense black and light that emerges from this limitless universe,

I choose to enter this series in space. The use of a certain thickness of Plexiglas allows me to restore the depth of the ice:

then it was necessary to choose a black and white, square volume object.


The Gorgons, female entities with formidable powers, symbolize and embody strength, power and ardor.
I witness a combat having neither winner nor loser. I reveal the energy of the relationship
in the wrestling, brilliance, trajectory, fluidity between dance and martial art.


20cm x 20cm
2.5 kg
thickness: 4cm

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