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After a certain number of years of photographic exploration and production I decided in May 2019 to open my gallery just across the street from the museum in the art and history town of Lodève. One of the main ‘raisons d’être’ of this space, baptized ‘La Piscine’ (French for swimming pool) is to promote exchanges between myself as ‘author’ and others as ‘observers’.

All of the works shown are original and available for purchase as limited edition signed and numbered prints.



du mardi au vendredi - 14h-17h

samedi 10h - 13h

la galerie sera fermée du 12 au 16 décembre

réouverture le 17 à 10h


et sur rendez-vous n'hésitez pas je suis souvent à l'atelier

Tél :

PHOTOGRAPHIES EN VENTE  : en cours d'actualisation

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