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"... any change of vision presupposes a change of language ...

Poetry cannot act within the limits of language, within the limits of the imagination,

within the limits of reality. For poetry, reality is infinite.

This does not mean that poetry knows everything.

This means, in the said perspective, an exemplary attitude,

an attitude towards totality, a learning, a humble learning of reality without borders,

an availability without which there is no real language, nor real spirit towards the totality.

Availability which is difficult to obtain and which could not be defined if it could be obtained.

Finally, all this in the fundamental spirit of a real openness to

things, differences and similarities which are the very definition of reality. "


Roberto Juarroz

It’s in the tradition of the work of this poet, Roberto Juarroz

who poses the poetic act and creation in such a relationship to the world,

that I develop my photographic research,

in that place between poetry and image.


the totality of reality is not limited to detectable reality

that which we see and perceive through our senses,

the universe is not a neutral and undifferentiated entity,

the world is much larger and contains within itself its own reality


using my camera

as a poetic language,

I explore and question the world

while the world explores and questions me.

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