"(...) we are therefore going to find out how the soul can move forward at an always equal and easy pace, smile to itself, observe happily his own achievements; how, without interrupting the joy she derives from it, she can remain in this state of calm and knowing neither highs nor lows: that will be tranquility. Let’s find a general rule to achieve this state: from this universal remedy, you will take the part you wish. "

Seneca - The tranquility of the soul (1 century A.D.)

EQUANIMITY is a photographic work, in the form of an installation (1) and edition (2)

A series of 10 photographs, taken along the Rulles River in Belgium.


EQUANIMITY is a long silence, a rustling of wings without birds, a caress of the body,

a keening of the senses, a breath on the horizon.

My intention is to create a huge harmonic poem, like an infinite sentence.


"(...) in this in-depth contemplation, the subject also becomes aware of it’s intimacy (...)

this contemplation is therefore not an immediate Einfühlung, a merger without restraint.

Rather, it is a prospect of deepening for the world and for ourselves. "

Gaston Bachelard - Water and Dreams (1942).