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  • lumière et ombre se partagent le silence des voix signes suspendus jusqu’à glisser sous tes paupières l’infini se propage profonde division dans un creux indivisible
  • english
    light and shadow sharing the silence of voices signs hanging just until they slip under your eyelids infinity spreads deep division in an indivisible hollow.


"(...) we are therefore going to find out how the soul can move forward at an always equal and easy pace, smile to itself, observe happily his own achievements; how, without interrupting the joy she derives from it, she can remain in this state of calm and knowing neither highs nor lows: that will be tranquility. Let’s find a general rule to achieve this state: from this universal remedy, you will take the part you wish. "

Seneca - The tranquility of the soul (1 century A.D.)

EQUANIMITY is a photographic work, in the form of an installation (1) and edition (2)

A series of 10 photographs, taken along the Rulles River in Belgium.


EQUANIMITY is a long silence, a rustling of wings without birds, a caress of the body,

a keening of the senses, a breath on the horizon.

My intention is to create a huge harmonic poem, like an infinite sentence.


"(...) in this in-depth contemplation, the subject also becomes aware of it’s intimacy (...)

this contemplation is therefore not an immediate Einfühlung, a merger without restraint.

Rather, it is a prospect of deepening for the world and for ourselves. "

Gaston Bachelard - Water and Dreams (1942).

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