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  • lumière et ombre se partagent le silence des voix signes suspendus jusqu’à glisser sous tes paupières l’infini se propage profonde division dans un creux indivisible
  • english
    light and shadow sharing the silence of voices signs hanging just until they slip under your eyelids infinity spreads deep division in an indivisible hollow.


A collection of seven photographs, Fugue en Outremer is an aquatic tale, a plunge into the infinite, a dazzling escape of light made up of twists and sparkles.

The reflection of the full moon on the river projects us both underwater AND on its surface.

The color is almost solid, the intensity given by the variations and depths of blue offering a pigmentary space

where painting mingles with photography: light and space merge in a fleeting movement, a cosmic voyage

in the depths of solar winds.

Printed on Hannhemüle Photorag 308g paper
Mounted on grey cardboard with passe partout
American frame in natural wood without glass

Unique piece
format 58cm x 40cm x 7 pieces


"(...) in this in-depth contemplation, the subject also becomes aware of it’s intimacy (...)

this contemplation is therefore not an immediate Einfühlung, a merger without restraint.

Rather, it is a prospect of deepening for the world and for ourselves. "

Gaston Bachelard - Water and Dreams (1942).

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