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  • lumière et ombre se partagent le silence des voix signes suspendus jusqu’à glisser sous tes paupières l’infini se propage profonde division dans un creux indivisible
  • english
    light and shadow sharing the silence of voices signs hanging just until they slip under your eyelids infinity spreads deep division in an indivisible hollow.



40cm x 60cm / piece
Hahnemülhe Fine Art mat print laminated on dibond - aluminum frame


exposition à DINARD (35)

du 1/07 au 15/11 2021

FOR Dinard Lumières

8 photographies- 5 Textes

impression directe sur dibond

format 110cm x 110cm

En-tête 6

To respond to the theme ‘Light’, I am accompanied by an Argentinean poet whose writing is deeply imbued with it, Roberto Juarroz*.


The entirety of his very particular work, Vertical Poetry, strongly echoes the photographs that I am presenting for this exhibition.

I wish to offer an opening to the poetic world, whether it be pictorial, literary or aural,

while at the same time creating sensitive bridges between us all.

To evoke Roberto Juarroz’s poetry in imagery as an invitation to discover his work.

To make of this co-habitation of image and text a mirror-space that may resonate in each and every one.

To create a space-time that invites one to stand still for a moment, a pause in the surface of thought so as to reach deeper places – the places of feeling, the places of humans, the places of nature.


To give seeing, receiving and feeling bursts of light, bursts of thought.


*Thanks to José Corti editions

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