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Always listening to the whisperings of life and nature, sensitive, intuitive, it’s as a free-spirited traveler that Delphine Joseph has developed her particular form of poetic photography.
Deeply called by the mysteries of nature, of living beings, of the place of human beings in this world, the true meaning of liberty, of balance inside imbalance.
A ‘seeking’ revealing transparency, substance, depth and light.

Nomad and open to a wide diversity of propositions, her field of exploration is very large:
at ease in different registers, her multiple ways of observing the world around is a source of richness for her work.


Always searching for a fully encompassing language, she creates a sculptural photography wherein the question of ‘form’ is understood, then treated specifically for each project.
From the black and white darkroom, where she developed her passion for the medium, to inkjet printers, art quality photographs and prints occupy an important place in her work: from searching for just the right paper (Japanese, Indian, Nepalese, oil, Arches velin...) to prints on linen wallpaper or a piece of wood (Le vent lève les poussières - Musée Fleury, Lodève 34).
Radical from instant the shutter was pressed, a clear look, a piercing eye: she has chosen never to crop and employs only minimal image retouching.

“I traverse the thickness of reality
and I find myself in the impossible sharing of the visible and the invisible
I like to create great silences
Pass through mirrors
Broaden perceptions”

portrait de Delphine Joseph - 2022
Ambrotype - © Jean-Luc Clercq Roques

The question of the visible is dealt with from below.
It is about showing what is felt.
Her photographs are to be experienced as a whole, like a long journey, a long path of impressions.
Delphine Joseph practices photography with a particular presence, a receptivity, an abandoning of the will.
As a tightrope walker balancing body thought and emotions in space.


She currently lives in the south of France.
Living in hamlets, small places with few people.
She works while traveling, rarely photographing in the lands where she lives.

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