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After ten years of research in printing and producing photographs in her studio, 2019 marks a turning point in Delphine Joseph's work

with the opening of her gallery 'La Piscine' in Lodève (FR). This confrontation with the public has strengthened her resolve to integrate

a collaborative dimension into her production, a dimension she had already explored in a project entitled 'en attendant Fernand' wherein, based on an anthropometric notebook of a man named Fernand Besnier that she had unearthed,

she developed a photographic series with, and including, the inhabitants of the man’s village.

With 'Le vent lève les poussières', she focuses on wall paintings being restored in the Cathedral of Lodève,

her photographs revealing unimagined precise details which, when exhibited in monumental formats,

restores emotions extracted from their original religious context.

Her gallery allows her to create a space where encounters can flourish, an essential motivation running through all of her installations.

For ‘Les causeuses’, a perennial work of art in a public square in Angouleme (FR) with Unesco recognition,

the artist proposes an interactive installation where spectators can enter a circular space, a small and intimate agora,

where women's testimonies are revealed, blended to become the generic narrative of all victims of violence towards women.

Outside this intimate structure, photographs by the artist metaphorically support the narrative.

Today, Delphine Joseph continues to bring photography and poetry to life in public spaces: creating a universe for her images

while providing an opportunity to physically experience each work.

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