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Listening to the rustle of the world, it’s as a free-spirited voyager that I develop my photographic work.

Reversing looks, revealing the indescribable, caressing the inexpressible, unfolding the implied, transposing reality.

A reality where beauty, fragility, suspension, balance, emergence and silence are in full presence,

often exploding or imploding in unexpected places.

A tightrope walk through the interstices of life where meaning, energy and matter merge.

The question of the visible is dealt with from below. Show what is felt.

In search of a total language, I develop a personal research on the mode of presentation.

Show, while calling on the viewer to slightly shift his vision, to offset his balance point.

Create a vaster dimension, two-dimensional or three-dimensional.

Throw down the wall, the directness. Extend perceptions.

Beyond an extension of the purpose of the image, the material used is intimately tied to the work itself.

Space, breathing, movement are founding axes.

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